Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year for 2014

Happy New Year!

Bosco Bear and the team are really excited for what’s coming up in 2014!

There are plans afoot to release a new website in 2014 to help make it easier for everyone to visit Bosco Bear and enjoy some wonderful new products coming on line for 2014.  We will keep you posted on the release date.

The ‘Back to School’ specials are about to start as well – so keep an eye out in your email inboxes or visit our Facebook page to keep updated with the special code for discounts to help Mum and Dad stretch that ever important budget.  Some great offers for Library Bags, Blackboards and World Maps are coming up.  Make sure you like us on Facebook or sign up for the Newsletter to keep updated with the latest offer.

Bosco was also really happy to see that the newly released Towelling Robes and Float Suit were so popular. The towelling robes will keep the little ones warm and cosy in these beautiful Australian designed garments.   

Bosco thinks its wonderful that so many of Bosco Bears little friends will be much safer in the water this year. The SPF 50+ rating on the float suits and rashies will also help protect young skin from the harsh rays of the Australian sun. 

We had some wonderful feedback from one of Bosco Bears young friends “Jack”  on how much he loved his new ‘spiderman’ Float suit. He said it made him feel like he had special powers in the water and he could have a really fun time when he went swimming when he was on holidays with his family in Newcastle over Christmas. He could keep up with his older sister and swum his first ‘full length of the pool’ right in front of his very proud Dad. – Well done young Jack – Bosco is very proud of you.

Keep smiling and Bosco will be in touch again soon. 


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