Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Noahs Ark. Great kids wall stickers. Two by two the animals came, all lined up in a row, big and small. Elephants, giraffes, flamingos, camels, bears, deer, horses, cows, monkeys, swans, rooster and hen, pigs, dogs, cats, geese, rabbits and mice. Concept image shows the 
Noahs Ark, multi coloured wall stickers option.

Timeless decorationg theme.
Decorating a nursery or kids room with a Noahs Ark theme will bring back memories of childhood for many parents. Kids love animals, especially as soft toys to snuggle up with at night. Create a warm, snug space for your child with this beatiful wall sticker theme.

Decorating Coordinates.
It is easy to find coordinates for a Noahs Ark decorating theme. All leading bedding brands have annimal inspired quilt covers and sheeting with colours to match.

Soft toys.
Finding soft toys to complement the Noahs Ark theme is easy as...  Any toy store will have many to choose from. Boys. Animals that make lots of noise. Lions, tigers and elephants. Girls. Dogs, cats, birds and giraffes.

Self install removable wall stickers.
This kit contains animal characters and ark. Check out the animals in the multi coloured wall sticker kit.
Colour Options:
Multi Coloured, Light Pink, Light Blue,White, Red, Lime, Black, Navy Blue

Entire Artwork: 3508mm x 258mm
Ark: 325mm x 250mm
Elephant: 206.3mm x 155mm
Mouse: 23.5mm x 29.3mm
Installation Technique: Appliqué

Enjoy decorating a kids room or nursery with BoscoBear's fabulous
Noahs Ark wall stickers are also available as patterns in the BoscoBear patterns range.

Purchase online at BoscoBear online shop.

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Cheese and Pickles said...

Your wall stickers look great. I really like the Noah's Ark theme, the colours available and range of animals is fantastic. A great way to create something special in your child's room.