Thursday, August 4, 2011


eCensus. Great for parents on the go.
eCensus is a fast, easy and secure online option for busy parents. Just about everything has an online option nowadays, so why not the census? What a great paper saving option! Carbon tax and all that. Save time not having to hang around waiting for all your family's important information to be collected. At a push of the submit button your precious information will be delivered. Have peace of mind that it is not flapping around somewhere in someone's car boot.

Tell the planners and the decision makers about you and yours.
Put your hand up and be counted on Census night. Let the planners know that your kids are part of the neighbourhood and that your family members and family information is important. Data collected in the 2011 Census will be vital to the provision of educational services, health care, roads, transport and so on. All the things that make your world go around and make Australia a great place in which to raise kids. 

Completing an eCensus is easy.
To complete an eCensus you will need:
• A Census Form Number
• A unique eCensus Number. 

This information will be delivered to your household by a Census Collector in a sealed eCensus envelope.  If you haven’t received an eCensus envelope by 7 August 2011, call the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 338 776They can provide your Census Form Number and unique eCensus number, via SMS or mail. Very 2011!

Good reasons for choosing the eCensus Option.
• It is safe and secure. All sorts of encryption technology is in place.
• It is available 24 hours a day. Complete in your time. Submit when ready.
• It saves precious time. You can save and come back if interrupted by juniors.
• Built-in checks and online help makes sure your form is completed correctly. It skips the not relevant bits to your family situation.
• It can be used by more than one member of a household while protecting the privacy of each user. Great if you have saying-over extended family or friends on 9th August. 

Online information.
I found the Census 2011 website easy to navigate with lots of helpful information. I will be choosing the eCensus option. Having worked as a Census collector in both Brisbane and Adelaide when I was a SAHM it would have been great not to have to go back to pick up the forms, especially at night in an unfamiliar neighbourhood.. Love that SUBMIT button. 

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Anonymous said...

just stumbled across this - do you know when the census people are dropping off the codes? we have not got ours and am wondering whether there is something we need to do?
- great helpful post by the way!

interiorinstyle said...

Hi there. The Census Collectors started delivering forms on Friday 29th July. Mine was delivered on the Sunday. If you haven't received yours, I suggest you call the Census Help centre on 1300 338 776
The Census Inquiry Service is open from 8.30 am to 8.00 pm 7 days a week. Hope this info helps.

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