Friday, June 17, 2011


It is that time of the year again. 
Have you been hanging out for the Winter Solstice. You will be able to spring out of bed on Weds 22 June knowing that the sun is on its way back.

BoscoBear would like to share.
Its no secret it is Winter. However BoscoBear has made a great discovery. The Museum Victoria website. It is a great source of information for kids. If you want to share an easy to follow explanation of the Winter Solstice with your kids, here it is. Thanks Museum Victoria.

Winter Solstice (AEST) 2011 June 22, 3:16am

Museum Victoria. On the day of Winter Solstice, Earth’s south pole is tilted away from the Sun. The Sun rises north of east, sets north of west and reaches 28 1/2° above the horizon at noon. This is, usually, the shortest day of the year.

Diagram: The Sun in Winter
Artist: Frey Micklethwait. Source: Museum Victoria.

Why is it sooo cold in winter?
According to Museum Victoria, temperatures are determined by the angel at which the Sun's rays strike the Earth, not its distance from the Sun. In Winter the Sun is low in the sky so the rays strike the Earth at a shallow angel. In Summer, the Sun is high in the Sky and the rays hit the Earth at a steep angle.

When is next year's Winter Solstice?
This year the Winter Solstice will be during snuggle up time. 3.16am. Last year was a night time event. 2010 June 21, 9:28pm. Next year will be an awake time event. 2012 June 21, 9:09am.

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