Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A pressing problem on a day out.
Have you ever been out and about with juniors and suddenly they "just have to go"! Nature just wants to take its course. You have trained them and you have trained them well. In desperation you scan the unfamiliar landscape and think, "where is it?" Shop assistants and little old ladies are very helpful but their directions just don't seem to translate. Time is ticking away.

BoscoBear has something to share. 
BoscoBear has made a great discovery. The National Public Toilet Map! Set up as a government initiative for grannies and grandpas, it is just right for busy mums. Use modern technology to bookmark on your mobile phone or load as an app on the iPhone. Never be caught short again. The National Public Toilet Map has Australia covered. Taxpayer dollars working for 'mums in the know'.
Plan your trips with comfort stops in mind. 
Planning with kids couldn't be easier. Pack the car, pack the kids, plan the route and plan the toilet stops. Relax and enjoy the journey. Be it a long driving holiday or a short excursion, pack your mobile and away you go.

Share BoscoBear's discovery with a friend.
Feel free to share BoscoBear's secret with your friends. They will love you for it. If not for their kids but also for their own 'caught short moments'.

Be a 'mum in the know' .
Who is going to load it as an app?  Let us know when it hits the spot and works for you.

From Lyn@BoscoBear. 
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Anonymous said...

awesome - thank you for the tip BoscoBear. Do you know if it comes in an APP as well?

Honey Bee said...

Hey BoscoBear as the wife of a tradie, we are well aware of this handy little app. Works a treat!

interiorinstyle said...

Yes It is available as an App. Just search National Public Toilet map. It is designed for iPhone and IPad. Good news. It is FREE. This handy little App shows the location of more than 14,000 public and private toilet facilities across Australia. It even notes the availability of baby change rooms. What a great mummy helper this little App is.

interiorinstyle said...

Thanks Honey Bee. I am sure your husband and his mates make good use of this handy little App

Timber look on aluminium said...

That's a lovely creation and also very useful too. I loved the concept of adding things which are very useful for any person.