Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A new year, a new beginning.
Back to school, back to kinder. A new year has rolled over at the sporting club, the scouts and the play group. Time for new fundraising committees to come together and plan their fundraising efforts for the coming year. Time to look for inovative ways to raise funds for kids groups. Initiatives that are going to be easy to manage for parents who are busy, busy, busy! Fundraising efforts that can engage members of the group and will be of interest to the community outside of the group. Fundraising programs that will maximise returns for the effort put in by the group members by offering a product that is practical, has appeal and variety.

BoscoBear's Fundraisier Crusader program.
BoscoBear has an easy to use, easy to manage fundraising program. Join BoscoBear’s fundraising program for 2011 and BoscoBear will reward your fundraising group and its members with a total 25% program reward.

How does this 25% reward work?
Your fundraising group will be paid a 15% commission on sales when sales are made using your group’s unique purchase code. Your members and their friends will receive a 10% discount when using this unique code to make a purchase. (This 10% discount is passed on to every buyer as an incentive to participate in the fundraising program). There are no minimum sales targets so every sale is rewarded. Great for small, medium and larger fundraising programs.

Super Fundraiser reward program
The Super Fundraiser’s reward program is an add on to the Basic Fundraiser reward program. Upon reaching $2000* in sales, BoscoBear donates to your group a BoscoBear $150* product voucher.

BoscoBear products
BoscoBear products include themed wall stickers, personalised kids name labelskids cushions, kids plates, and wallpaper. BoscoBear is Australian owned, carrying the Australian made logo. We design and print in house, using only quality material. Each BoscoBear product includes instructions and warranty information.

 BoscoBear fundraising support
Fundraising promotional material is available (our starter pack includes 5 x A3 posters and up to 50 x DL flyers). We offer electronic promotional support including web banners and standard layouts for self-print. Should you have a database, we are happy to work with you to promote through email advertising (some fees and conditions may apply).

Register with BoscoBear and receive a unique code Promote sales of BoscoBear products. Encourage members and their friends to buy online through the BoscoBear website (www.boscobear.com.au). Sales using your fundraising group’s unique code will be tracked in BoscoBear’s automated system. Group Benefit: The 15% sale reward will be AUTOMATICALLY allocated to your fundraising group every time the code is used. Buyer Benefit: The 10% discount will be applied AUTOMATICALLY to every online purchase.

Quarterly statements. Quarterly reward statements are issued by BoscoBear to participating
fundraisers. Rewards earned are paid quarterly.

BoscoBear Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A total 25% reward. What does this mean?
10% = buyer reward. 15% = Fundraising group reward.
Each product sold by BoscoBear online at www.boscobear.com.au has a listed purchase price. When a buyer from a fundraising group buys online using their groups special code the buyer receives a 10% price discount. The fund raising group receives 15% of the sale.

Do we need to sell a minimum amount? No. There are NO minimum targets, however the more you sell the more reward you will receive for your fundraising program. Every purchase made online using the group’s unique code is rewarded.

What is a unique code? A specific code is allocated to each fundraising group This code is the key to the allocation of the total 25% reward to that group. When a buyer uses this unique code to purchase a BoscoBear product online at www.boscobear.com.au two things happen. The automated online system instantly rewards the buyer with a 10% listed price discount. The system simultaneously records that 15% of the sale is to be allocated to the group linked to the code.

 Can we sell some or all of BoscoBear products?  Absolutely, you can choose to promote all of our products, or only a select few.
Our range is HUGE… With over 2000 designs, there is something for everyone.

How long is our fundraising code valid?  Your fundraising group will need to re-register once a year. We will contact you to organise re-registration (and to say hello, confirm details and answer any questions or comments you may have).

Are there any marketing materials available? BoscoBear has a large range of promotional material and web banner advertisements available on request (see fundraising support section). If you have a database, we are also happy to work with you to promote through email. Promotional material is customised to include your unique fundraising code and details on how to log on to the BoscoBear website. Remember, the more you promote and spread the word, the more you will sell and the more you will make for your fundraising program.
What happens once a buyer has purchase online? BoscoBear dispatches orders direct to the buyer. Prompt delivery is assured. Yes… we do all the dispatch work.

Apply now. Apply to fundraise with BoscoBear by downloading and complete the application form and tell us about your organisation and your project. BoscoBear helps groups such as schools, pre-schools, kindergartens, childcare centres, registered charities and incorporated sporting clubs. BoscoBear Fundraiser Crusader is easy to use, easy to manage, easy to account. AND…rewards everyone who joins!

It is a very easy program fundraising committee to manage.
 Join Now! email: info@boscobear.com.au
*All references to dollar amounts include GST.
BoscoBear looks forward to fundraising with your group.

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