Friday, December 3, 2010


Does your boy have some BRMMMMMM?
BoscoBear designers have designed Planes, Trains and Automobile wall stickers for boys who have Brmmmmmm! There are machines that fly, machines that float, machines that sail, machines that run on rails, machines that are ridden and machines that are driven. Boys just love this collection of Brmmmmmm, Brmmmmmm, Toot,Toot, vintage style transport wall decorations.

BoscoBear Wall Sticker Patterns.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles belongs to the BoscoBear Wall Stickers range. The reds, blues and beiges colour combination teams well as boy colours. This collection of colours is named Striped Horizon in the BoscoBear Patterns range. These colours are easy to match to quilt covers and boy accessories.

Great value.
Planes, Trains and Automobile wall stickers are great value as the kit is brimming with seven sheets of wall decals. Perfect for decorating a boys bedroom or play room. Also available as a growth chart .

Have a closer look at the Striped Horizon pattern and designs.

Sheet 1 Contains: Two Planes, Clouds. One Helicopter

Sheet 2 Contains: One Sailing Ship. One Hot Air Balloon

Sheet 3 Contains: One Airliner. One Ship.

Sheet 4 Contains: One Bimp. One Tractor.

Sheet 5 Contains: One Motorcycle. One Train Engine. One Bicycle. One Car.

Sheet 6 Contains: One Truck. One Ute. One Sports Car.

Sheet 7 Contains: Three Train Carts.

Enjoy decorating your boy's bedroom with BoscoBear's Pattened Transport wall stickers for boys. Purchase online at
From the BoscoBear team.

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