Monday, December 13, 2010


High Tea. To be served with friends.
Delightful kids wall stickers for a special girl and a special space. Perhaps a bedroom or play room?  These wall stickers are beautifully designed and rich in colour. This is definitely wall decoration to be enjoyed in the company of special friends. A perfect place for your 'Alice in Wonderland'  to serve high tea These special friends may be real life friends, imaginary friends or soft toy friends. Create a cosy  play space to complement BoscoBear's beautiful kids wall stickers.

Decoration designed to inspire a little girl's imagination BoscoBear's High Tea wall stickers will inspire a little girl's imagination. Create a world for creative minds to excel.
A place to read , a place to draw, a place to tell stories.

Wall decoration to delight. Take a closer look at the beautiful designs. Bosco's canine friends are so cute. Which one is your favourite? The cupcakes are exquisite, They are ready to be guests. The colourful lamp, table and chairs set the scene. Cheeky bird is ready to pour. Pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of tea.
Lollypop. The lollypop colour combination blends together mauves, purples, pinks, blues, greens,orange and yellow. A delightful blend of colours. Shapes include hearts, stripes, dots, and swirls and flowers. 

High Tea wall Sticker Information  
Colour Options: Lollypop
Artwork Sheet Size: 1600mm x 800mm
Key Wall Decal Characters: Large Purple Lamp Stand: 437mm x 777mm, Little Purple Dog: 136mm x 264mm
Installation Technique: Appliqué
Packaging : Cylinder

Enjoy decorating with BoscoBear's High Tea wall stickers.
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