Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A Christmas welcome.Visitors to this home will be welcomed with the traditional Christmas greeting "merry christmas". The BoscoBear Floating Christmas Tree wall stickers is a delightful Christmas decoration for the front porch

A photo to share.
This decorative Christmas wall sticker combination has been the choice of a happy BoscoBear fan from Sydney. Thanks Francene for sending BoscoBear this photo so we can share with other Christmas decorators who are preparing for the Christmas season. This combination of Christmas wall stickers looks great. Christmas decorating with imagination and a lot of decorative flair.

The Floating Christmas Tree wall decal is a favourite with Christmas decorators.
This Christmas tree wall sticker is a clear favourite with Christmas decorators. It is super easy to install as the wall sticker kit contains a trunk and lots of decals in the shape of colourful wall sticker baubles. These Christmas baubles can be easily arranged into a Christmas tree shape. The BoscoBear Floating Christmas Tree is available in five colour combinations.

BoscoBear Floating Christmas Tree. Colour: Brown, Teal & Greens.

Christmas Greetings. 
Christmas Quotes as wall stickers are easy to use. Francene has decorated with the traditional Christmas Greeting, merry christmas. This Christmas Quote wall decal is available in six decorative colours.

Thanks Francene.
Best Christmas wishes to you and your family.
From the BoscoBear Team.


Ruby said...
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Ruby said...

Love the Christmas tree in blue. It is a great idea to have it in wall decal as it saves space for the apartment's owner. Hopefully, it can be reused - like putting it down and still sticks on the wall for the next season. - Wall Graphics