Monday, November 22, 2010


Delightful wall stickers for boys. Girls love them too. Put a splash of bright colour into kids spaces.  Decorate with BoscoBear's Hot Air Balloons. Wall decoration that's anything but hot air. Send your boy's imagination sky high! Decorate a play area or bedroom with these patterned hot air balloons. Fantastic wall stickers to give a room a lift. These hot air balloons even look good in the bathroom.

 Hot Air Balloons to inspire imaginative adventures.
Day dreaming during the day or dreaming in the still of night, your son or daughter will float away with this beautiful wall stickers design. BoscoBear's Hot Air Balloon wall stickers for boys will ensure an enchanting and imaginative adventure.

Colours, quality and value. BoscoBear's Hot Air balloon wall sticker kit has it all.
Colour: The sunset star pattern is a beautiful array of colours  Each hot air balloon wall sticker for boys is vibrant and rich in colour. Check out the orange, yellow, blue and red combinations.

Value: 18 balloon wall stickers and 20 cloud wall stickers in each wall sticker kit.
Quality: Australian made from best materials. Original designs from BoscoBear's talented team of designers. Fast delivery when an order is placed. Backed up by excellent customer service.

Easy to use.
BoscoBear Hot Air Balloons are easy to apply. Just peel and stick. Easy to remove and re-apply. Check the quality of your wall surface with the tester "Q" included in each pack.

Check out the stunning wall sticker designs.

Information and stuff
Dimensions: 6 x A3 sheets (297mm x 420mm)
Installation Technique: Peel and Stick
Packaging Options: Packaging Cylinder.

Enjoy decorating with BoscoBear wall stickers.
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Decorating ideas from the BoscoBear team.

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