Friday, September 10, 2010


With a flutter of wings, BoscoBear's Butterflies Wall Stickers have landed. BoscoBear butterflies are now available as patterns. These stunningly, gorgeous wall stickers are perfect for any girl's bedroom or play area. Decorating a feature wall with BoscoBear's butterfly wall sticker for kids will have your daughter jumping for joy. Enjoy laying out the butterfly wall stickers in an arrangement that suits your daughter's style. These beautiful wall stickers look good as nursery wall stickers.

There are three patterns to choose from; Candy Man, Pumpkin Patch and Icecream Parlour. The combination of colours and shapes are pleasing to the eye. Pinks, blues, greens, mauve, grey, purple and pumpkin blend together perfectly. The shapes are a mixture of stripes, dots, stars, hearts, and checks.Value. There is over 50 butterflies in a pack.

BoscoBear wall stickers are very popular.
BoscoBear's beautifully drawn wall sticker butterflies have been very popular in pink, blue, pastel and multi colours. Home decorators can now freshen up their walls with butterflies from BoscoBear's Kids Removable Wall Stickers.

Butterfly Patterned wall stickers. Icecream Parlour. Six sheets of gorgeous butterfly designs.

Dimensions: 6 x A3 sheets (297mm x 420mm) with the largest character approx 350mm
Installation Technique: peel and stick
Enjoy decorating with BoscoBear's new wall decoration. Kids wall stickers.
From the BoscoBear Team.

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