Thursday, September 9, 2010


Casey has chosen BoscoBear Pastel Butterflies wall stickers for her room decoration. She loves the soft pastel colours and the delicate shapes. There are lots of butterflies in the BoscoBear Pastel Butterflies removable wall sticker kit. The colours includes Casey's favourite colour yellow. There are also pink, blue, mauve, green and blue butterfly wall decals. The colours blend well with colours typical of decoration in a little girl's bedroom. Pastel Butterflies look great on Casey's mauve wall. The butterfly wall stickers shapes vary in size. There are large, small, and in-between butterfly wall stickers.

How Casey decorated her bedroom wall.
Casey enjoyed planning the placement of the butterfly wall stickers before she peeled them off the backing sheet. Having worked out a pattern, she then started with the larger butterflies. Casey placed them across the wall. She then filled in the spaces with the smaller butterflies. Casey saved some for the area above the bed head. This is where Teddy and her favourite treasures sit.

Wall decoration to delight little decorators.
With a flutter of wings, the butterflies flutter across the wall. Casey loves sharing her room with her butterfly friends. BoscoBear wall stickers are also available in Pink, Pink Brown, Blue Brown and Multi Coloured.
Enjoy decorating your daughter's room with BoscoBear wall stickers.
From the BoscoBear team.

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