Monday, July 5, 2010


Looking for things to do on a cold Winter Weekend or during Winter School Holidays?
How did you survive this weekend’s winter chill? Looking for things to do during School Holidays or on a cold Winter Weekend? Perhaps a make over of the kids’ bedrooms and living spaces would be fun? Add colour and cheer to your childrens’ spaces this winter. Make it a weekend or holiday activity. Choose BoscoBear wall stickers that appeal and then get the kids to help decorate a playroom or bedroom.

Giant Character  wall stickers are very popular.
Check out the Jungle Fever Large Giraffe. This Giant Character wall sticker kit includes mother Giraffe and her baby Giraffe. Mother Giraffe wall sticker stands 1.5m high. These Giant Character Giraffes are very popular. They look great in a play room. Kids love this family of friendly wall sticker characters. There are lots of BoscoBear Giant Character wall stickers to choose from. Check the BoscoBear website for decorating ideas.

Look For BoscoBear Giant Character Wall Stickers.

Under the Sea Giant Character wall stickers: 
Dolphin, MermaidOctopus, Turtle, Whale.

Dinosaur Giant Character wall stickers:
Jurassic X - Apatosaurus,  Jurassic X - Pterodactyl, Jurassic X - Stegosaurus, Jurassic X - T-Rex, Jurassic X - Triceratops, Jurassic X - Velociraptor .

BoscoBear wall sticker ideas for decorating a Boy's Room.
Look For BoscoBear Wall Stickers for Boys .
Outer Space wall stickers
Blue Train, Red Caboose wall stickers
Planes Trains & Automobiles wall stickers
Dinosaurs- Little Explorers wall stickers
Boats Afloat wall stickers

BoscoBear wall sticker ideas for decorating a Girl's Room.
Carousel wall stickers
Pink Butterflies wall stickers
Russian Dolls wall stickers
Under the Sea wall stickers

Enjoy updating your Children's spaces with BoscoBear wall stickers this winter.
Log on to the BoscoBear web site and select the wall stickers that your Children will love to have as decoration in their rooms. There is so much to choose from. BoscoBear has decorating ideas for everyone.

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