Tuesday, July 20, 2010


BoscoBear's Russian Dolls Wall Stickers. (Babushka Dolls) are available in Pink and Pastel.
These BoscoBear Russian Dolls wall stickers colour options are great for nursery wall decoration. The Pastel wall stickers look especially good as decoration in a baby girl's nursery. This wall sticker kit is popular as a baby gift.

Pink wall stickers. Eleven beautiful wall sticker designs in various shades of pink.
Pastel wall stickers. Eleven beautiful wall sticker designs in various pastel shades. 

Why are Russian Dolls wall stickers (Babushka Dolls) so popular?
Design. Great wall designs. Decorating ideas. Great for wall decoration in bedrooms and playrooms. Colour. Colour options to suit different decorating styles. Value. $69.00 plus postage. Application. Peel and Stick. Easy to apply and remove. Order online. BoscoBear. Delivery 4-8 working days to an Australian address.

Children's names as wall stickers..
Girls who like to decorate their bedroom with Russian Dolls wallstickers may also like to add their name to their bedroom wall or door. Check out BoscoBear's Alphabet wall stickers and make up your daughter's name in wall stickers.
Blue, Pink, and
Bright Multi Individual Letter wall stickers.

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