Wednesday, July 14, 2010


BoscoBear's Russian Doll Multi Coloured wall decorations look like pictures painted on the wall.
BoscoBear wall stickers designers have designed the Russian Doll series of wall decals to look like pictures painted on the wall. Lined up in descending order, these friendly little ladies will oversee all the fun and activity in your little girl's room.

Russian Dolls. (Babushka Dolls) Multi Coloured.
Every wall sticker doll has a different stylish design. There are eleven dolls and lots of stylised flowers for decorating a wall in a bedroom or playroom. The largest Russian Doll wall sticker stands 420mm x 230mm. This beautiful wall sticker design is dressed in orange. Her sisters are dressed in an array of colours.

Why are Russian Dolls wall stickers (Babushka Dolls) so popular?
Design. Great wall designs.
Decorating ideas. Great for wall decoration in bedrooms and play rooms.
Colour. Colour options to suit different decorating styles.
Value. $69.00 plus postage. Application. Peel and Stick. Easy to apply and remove. Order online. Delivery 4-8 working days to an Australian address.

Other doll wall sticker kits from BoscoBear. 
Geisha Dolls wall decals. Available as Multi Coloured, Pink and Pastel. There are nine beautifully drawn Geisha Doll wall designs and assorted colourful fans in each wall sticker kit.  

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