Thursday, May 13, 2010


BoscoBear’s pastel Carousel Horse wall sticker is just right for a girl's bedroom.
Domayne has great ideas for decorating children’s bedrooms. BoscoBear’s pastel Carousel Horse wall stickers was chosen by Domayne to add colour and style to this little girl’s bedroom. This Pretty as a Picture interiorinstyle wall stickers is printed in soft pink, green, mauve and blue. When applied to the wall it looks like it has been painted. The pastel Carousel Horse is ideal for DIY home decorators who want to have an interior decorator look in their nursery or girl’s bedroom.

The Carousel Horse wall decal is available in black and white.
The black and white BoscoBear Carousel Horse wall sticker is a popular decorating choice for older girls. When applied to the wall this wall sticker for girls ooks stunning.

All the pretty horses in a row
Consider using two BoscoBear Carousel Horse wall stickers, side-by-side, as a feature wall mural. Placed side-by-side these Carousel Horses give the impression of moving on a carousel. As a decorating feature, two Carousel Horses together look great.

The Carousel Horse wall decal is available in five colour combinations
Pink, green, mauve, blues and burgundy were chosen by the BoscoBear design team as children's colour combinations. These two colour combinations,( pastel and bright), are ideal for decorating nurseries, children's bedrooms, and play rooms.

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Richa said...

Very trendy. It is good to know that you have introduced other colors...that will give parents a better choice and fit in their color schemes.

Thanks for sharing.