Sunday, May 23, 2010


Come ride the BoscoBear Carousel
To ride a Carousel horse is a special part of childhood. Capture the magic of a Carousel ride with BoscoBear's Carousel wall sticker. The BoscoBear Carousel wall decal is as 'Pretty as a Picture.'
This beautiful BoscoBear Carousel wall sticker for girls is designed to look like a picture painted on the wall. The Carousel wall sticker is a popular choice as decoration for a baby girl's nursery wall. It also looks good as wall decoration for little girls' bedrooms. Older girls enjoy the style of the black and white Carousel wall sticker.

The Carousel wall sticker is available in three colour options
The BoscoBear designers have chosen three colour combinations for this Carousel wall decal.
The Pastels Carousel wall sticker is a blend of green, pink, mauve and blue. These colours are just right for nursery decoration. The Blue and Gold Carousel is a blend of dark blue, light blue, burgundy and gold. This colour combination is popular for babies, little girls and older girls. The Black and White Carousel colour combination is generally the choice of older girls.

Ride some Famous Australian Carousels.
Melbourne's Luna Park  Carousel is the park's centrepiece. The Carousel is known as the “Jewel in the Crown”. Visually stunning, its 70 horses and chariots are individually hand painted and intricately decorated in brilliant colours. Ride and enjoy these magnificent horses that generations of children have ridden. Sydney's Luna Park  has a spectacular antique steam Carousel that has taken master craftsmen many years to restore. Be dazzled by the immaculate detail, fabulous lights and romantic carnival music that this ride offers. Read about the restoration of  Melbourne Zoo's famous Carousel horses and the Carousel horses at Melbourne's Luna Park.

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