Friday, November 27, 2009

BoscoBear Kids Wall Stickers reviewed on bshare

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Are you looking for an innovative, quick and stylish way to update your child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom?

Painting can be messy, smelly and time consuming. Wallpaper borders can be a bit old fashioned and are often unsuitable as kids grow past the nursery stage.
Prints and paintings can become costly dust collectors. And if you’re renting, none of these things may even be an option.

The latest in wall fashion is removable kids wall stickers. They come in a massive range of styles, colours and themes, are relatively inexpensive and best of all – can be easily removed without destroying your paint.

We checked out BoscoBear’s new range of wall stickers to see if they fit the bill. Upon opening the cardboard cylinder packaging, you are met with your sheet/s of stickers and an instruction sheet.

At first this can seem a little overwhelming and this is where your focus and patience must come in. Though it is a relatively simple process, you really do need to follow the instructions to ensure you get it right.

While the smaller wall stickers are easy to apply, it is the larger stickers and giant characters that can prove a bit tricky. Because they contain so much surface area, you have to be really precise in your movements, or you will end up with a mess of air bubbles. Your attention to detail will pay off, however, when you see the finished product up on the wall, the images are, quite simply stunning and will instantly transform your child’s room into a work of art.

kids wall stickers jungle animals

The Carousel range is the ultimate in style and beauty for any little girl’s room. While the Jungle Fever or Under The Sea collections will delight your son or daughter. There is also a great range of blackboard stickers, which will allow your kid’s creative juices to flow while (hopefully) restricting their drawing on the wall to one place!

under the sea wall stickers

If you want something that will bring your child’s room to life and take them on a fantasy adventure, you can’t go past wall stickers. There is a huge range, so you are sure to find something to suit your taste and budget. P.S. Removable wall stickers is not just for kids. You can update your own bedroom or living area with a range of stylish decals available from

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