Friday, May 29, 2009

BoscoBear Wall Stickers

BoscoBear's removable room art kits are proving to be immensley popular amongst kids of all ages. Whilst Russian Dolls are a fantastic option to bring some life to a child's room, a number of other wall art kits are bringing some much needed vibrancy to the walls of a child's living areas.

The Under the Sea room art kit is proving to be a hit amongst children, as the various mermaids and under the sea creatures bring any child's imagination to life. The kit comes as seven A3 sheets, and features over 200 vibrant creatures, sure to add some colour and style to a child's living areas.

Also popular has been Jungle Fever wall decal kit. This jungle is a jumping with lions, elephants and giraffes, and BoscoBear's removable room art will transform your child's bedroom or play area into a live wall canvas of animal characters from the African landscape.

For more fantastic BoscoBear designs, and for further information on the designs listed above please visit our website.


The BoscoBear Team

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