Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Wall Stickers, Christmas Wall Decals, Christmas Wall Art - what ever you call it, it is the new and best way to decorate!

Christmas Wall Stickers, Christmas Wall Decals, Christmas Removable Room Art or Christmas Wall Art - whatever you call it, BoscoBear has some great and easy ideas for Christmas that don't involve any pine needle clean-ups, any watering or any decorating what so ever! With BoscoBear's Christmas Wall Stickers/Christmas Removable Room Art - all you need is the wall (a bit of interior design or creative imagination is also good).

This Christmas our Christmas Range is full of larger than life characters with our 1.3 meter Father Christmas wall sticker, our 1.3 meter Mrs Claus Christmas Wall Sticker and our 1.3 meter Rudolph Christmas wall sticker is great for the home and or play environment. Daycare centers, primary schools, kindygartens and playgroups have been collecting the whole set of three to put up in there centers.

BoscoBear has also launched a great range of Christmas trees. from the traditional red, green and white option to black and white, brown and white and other colour combinations, these are a great alternative to the traditional Christmas Tree. To further enhance our Christmas Tree Wall Decals and Christmas Tree Wall Stickers some of our customers have added real baubles and christmas decorations to the trees, therefore giving it a great Christmas 3D effect (3m scotch tape is a good adhesive solution for the decorations and the wall).

All of the trees also have additional Christmas Wall stickers for that extra bit of decoration - snowflakes and presents for under and around the tree complete the look! And if that is not enough and you are the mad decorator, than you can add to your creation with our Christmas Wall Sticker, Christmas Wall Decal Snowflake packs. Available in pewter, traditional (christmas red and green), blue and cool grey the Christmas Wall Stickers snowflakes packs are great value $39.95 AUD (includes postage to anywhere in Australia).

So have we wet the appetite for Christmas, Christmas Wall Decals and Christmas Wall Stickers? Keen to do some decorating? Visit to see more! Happy Holidays!!! BoscoBear
So how do our Christmas Wall Stickers/Christmas Wall Decals work? Our

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