Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BoscoBear Nursery Make-Over Competition Winners Announced!

Congratulations to everyone who entered our BoscoBear Nursery Make-Over competition!

Well our first of many BoscoBear competitions has been run and won. What a fantastic imagination our Mums, Dads and little people have when it comes to describing there favourite BoscoBear Removable Room Art theme.

Of our entrants our most popular theme was BoscoBear’s Under the Sea Removable Room Art. Closely followed by BoscoBear’s Jungle Fever Removable Room Art, BoscoBear’s Enchanted Forest Removable Room Art, BoscoBear’s OuterSpace Removable Room Art and BoscoBear’s Farmyard Fun Removable Room Art.

We were completely overwhelmed by the response and as such decided to award not only a major prize but a series of minor prizes to other worthy entrants.


The winning entry from Amy. BoscoBear’s Removable Room Art Theme: Under the Sea

Water wonderland- under the sea,
What a fun theme this room would be.
Spot the crabs, octopus and fish,
Under the Sea - every boy's wish.

Congratulation Amy, you have won a range of prizes, including the BoscoBear Removable Room Art Kit for Under the Sea


Amanda with Enchanted Forest

I love this whimsical theme, as it allows dreams to take flight and fantasy and imagination to happen every day. A little girls wonderland...

Lisa with Farmyard Fun

My little boy loves it when I ‘moo’ and ‘oink’ and ‘cockadoodledoo’ with him! He’d love to have his own little farm.

Ingrid with Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever reminds me of my son who is as noisy as an elephant, playful as a monkey and as cuddly as a bear!

Alicia with Outer Space

We have a couple of aliens and martians in our house that would love to fly to the moon!


Thank you to every one who entered, again because of the response we also have given all of our entrants a 15% off voucher storewide. Enjoy!

BoscoBear loves competitions, be sure to check back on our site www.boscobear.com.au or on our blog as our next competition will be launching soon!

take care,

BoscoBear and his mates!

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