Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When my husband and I found out we were having twins, aside from the excitement and feeling of jubilation of two babies as first time , there was the underlying oh my...how are we going to fit two babies into our modest unit! With the dog, the cats, my husbands clothes and my ever expanding wardrobe - space for one baby was going to be a challenge in itself!

I think the first few months – whilst we were full on, gunho into the pregnancy journey, we were certainly in denial about how we were going to design the babies nursery. Storage, furniture and décor arrangements were not on the top of the list. Even at the six month mark of my pregnancy, arranging the nursery was but a flickering thought.

However that all changed one night when we thought the babies were arriving at the 28 week mark. Whilst the babies did not arrive that night, my husband and I went into fast paced organisation mode. Whilst in hospital I prepared a list of all of the things we needed to get (in a hurry) to complete our nursery and prepare for the babies.

Here are some of the learnings I experienced
  • A common thought is that when you are having more than one baby you need more space. This is not true! It is not space that you need it is storage. Look at your room (nursery to be) and look for where you can store things. Storage under the cot, change table and on the walls with additional shelving are all areas that can provide great storage for small rooms.
  • Book ends, a hanging nappy holder/bag and those cute gingham woven boxes are also effective and decorative ways to house all of the medicinal and functional things that you need for the babies.
  • An important note: as the babies get older it is really important that the medicinal and liquid products are well housed and not easy to access by little people. A learning first hand, I have a very explorative little boy, when I am changing his sister he is often with us, ferreting around the things on the change table. As my hands are full with changing her, I am continually having to coax him into not touching things.
  • When the babies are born, some gifts come in beautiful robust packaging. Hold on these – they are extra storage for you! I have consolidated some of these into baby memory boxes and medicine boxes.
  • You don’t need two of everything – some people say two change tables, rubbish! The only thing you need two of is the cots, and even then with newborn twins they will often stay in the same cot for quite a few months. At which time you will have an idea of storage needs, the amount of clothes and your chosen nursery décor and theming.
  • Even though you are having twins, each baby is his or her own person. I am a believer in individualising each baby's space.
  • We did not know whether we were having boys, girls or one of each. So deciding the themes was a lot of fun. We individualised with different bedding, toy displays and mobiles. We also themed our nursery with the wall graphics and removable room art range from BoscoBear. The newborn themes we chose were BoscoBear’s Removable Room ArtJungle Fever and BoscoBear’s Removable Room ArtFarmyard Fun. This went really well with bedding themes from Treehouse.
I guess the main, underlying point with having the babies was that you can live and live well within smaller spaces and twins. Look for active storage solutions and places, theme their room as individuals (BoscoBear has lots of themes and caters for twins and beyond!) and really ask yourself – do I need two of everything? As in my case the answer often was NO....


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