Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is with the humble hair dryer?

Are you in a position where you would like to move your Removable Room Art? And it has been on the walls for a while? What is the best way to do this - i hear you say? Well if you are like me and you are a nail biter, removing your BoscoBear Removable Room Art, your fingers may not be an option. Enter the friendly hair dryer! A hair dryer on low heat can be a great way to lift the vinyl without damaging the Removable Room Art characters and spending lots of time doing so.

A few things to remember:

For the intricate characters, please remove carefully as they may tear if they are not carefully removed.

Also remember keep your backing sheets when you put your Removable Room Art kit up so that you can place them back on the backing sheet

They can then be repositioned and reapplied as you wish, they keep their adhesion.

Should you have any questions regarding the ability to remove any of our Removable Room Art kits, please do not hesitate to contact our team, or 1300 BOSCOB. Enjoy!

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