Sunday, July 13, 2008

BoscoBear launches new names software

BoscoBear has taken the guessing game out of what the characters look like as your child's name with our new software program.

BoscoBear's software creates a preview of your child's name, transferring the letters you select into our preview software as a visual using our letter combinations.

Our software also allows you to select different sizes. Our letters come in three sizes with the smallest size A7 and the largest size A5. Currently in the personalised letter range we have the Pinks, Blues and Multi-coloured and these are loaded into the preview software.

Also in the range of personalised letters are the Jungle Fever Alphabet, Farmyard Fun Alphabet, Under the Sea Alphabet, Enchanted Alphabet and Outer Space Alphabet, however these are not currently featured in the personalisation software. Stay tuned though, these are just around the corner!

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Anonymous said...

thats a great idea! love the colours.