Monday, June 16, 2008

BoscoBear's Butterflies Removable Room Art has just launched!

Continuing the tradition of new products BoscoBear has just released its butterfly range. In fabulously rich colours our Butterfly Removable Room Art range are available in Pinks, Brights, Chocolate Browns and Blues, Pastels and Chocolate Browns and Pinks. Across four A3 sheets, BoscoBear's butterflies celebrate these intriguing animals, in flight and as stationary designs highlighting their enchanting wing patterns and prints. Our BoscoBear Butterfly Removable Room Art kits are easy to apply and look great on walls, furniture and other room items. We have also seen mums and girls use our Removable Room Art Range on canvasses and MDF to make fantastic and highly imaginative wall murals and door designs. Should you like some handy hints on using your BoscoBear Removable Room Art to create and build then please contact us for a handy hints and instruction kit. Of course if you are doing something fantastic and creative with any of our BoscoBear Removable Room Art products then we would love to hear from you. Send us your images and stories and we would love to put them up on our Blog and share your imagination!

BoscoBear's Butterflies Removable Room Art is located under BoscoBear Kids products.

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