Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Personal Experience

With having 15 month old twins, I recently discovered the complexities of organising the first birthday party. Your baby’s first birthday party is an extra special occasion and is just as much a celebration for the parents as the child. Our first birthday party planning was no exception. Our first challenge was birthday party themeing. Our twins are girl boy fraternal twins, so choosing a first birthday party theme of fairies, princesses and pink, would be brilliant for our daughter, but perhaps a little strange for our son. Similarly a first birthday of pirates, dinosaurs, outerspace or blue favourite things, would have been great for my son, but perhaps a little boy centric for our daughter.

My husband and I sat down and started to think through neutral party themes that would be suitable for our babies’ first birthday. Our birthday party shortlist was the following: Jungle Fever, Farmyard Fun, Under the Sea, Circus Parade and Australian Animals. Eventually after a healthy discussion it was decided: our twins first birthday theme was to be Under the Sea. So the fun began! First birthday party invitations, loot bags, decorations for the room, party hats and of course the cake all had to be organised. We set about with our party invites. Drawing up a list and deciding on a written invitation for all of our friends from mothers group and family as well as an electronic version to send to work friends and others on email. Magnets and seals for the envelopes added that special touch to our invitations and helped carry our party theme. Room decorations were also a lot of fun and a great opportunity to carry through our Under the Sea theme and decorate the venue. Combined with balloons and brightly coloured streamers was a BoscoBear Under the Sea Removable Room Art Kit. Mermaids, Whales, Turtles and Clown Fish were placed on the walls amongst all of the balloons and streamers. The Removable Room Art lifted the party room and was a great addition. My husband and I also had a great deal of fun with a glass of wine applying them the night before.

Applying the theme to the party food was also a lot of fun. Nemo in a pond (instead of frog in a pond) was very popular with some of our little guests, clam cakes (instead of butterfly cakes) were also a real hit. Our loot bags were little treasure chests and our adults enjoyed a seafood cocktail menu. We also had games for some of our slightly older guests like pin the tail on the mermaid, and an aquatic themed parcel the parcel.

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