Friday, May 30, 2008

Making your own label - explaining the BoscoBear Design Your Own Software Program

BoscoBear's personalised label software allows you to make your own label. And, with BoscoBear it is really easy to use. Let us explain. First of all go to the left hand navigation bar on the BoscoBear home page and select, personalised labels, make your own (it is a blue button). When you click the make your own label button it will take you to the make your own label software. Here is where the creativity and fun begins!

The first decision you will have to make is with the themeing. Our software has lots of great themes, pets, farmyard animals, sports, under the sea, enchanted forest, jungle fever and outer space. In every theme, there are approximately eight characters. Please note: we are adding new characters and new icons all the time (so be sure to check back often to see if there is a new theme or character range being launched). Furthermore, the make your own label software has a great feature that allows you to toggle between the themes and characters. This means you can see new themes and combinations quickly without losing anything.

Once you are happy with your theme, you can then choose your label size. All BoscoBear label prices are $17.95 and depending on the size you select have enough labels to last the rough and tumble of any youngsters’ day. Again the make your own label software allows you to toggle between the sizes and shapes with out losing any information.

Happy with your label icon and size? The next decision is to select your colour. BoscoBear has six colours currently - Red, pink, blue, green, yellow and orange. the colours can be changed in the program easily without losing any information.

The last piece of the make your own label puzzle is writing your details that you would like to appear on the label. Popular information includes telephone numbers (if you have lost property as your principal focus) dietary requirements – writing no dairy for example with the cow icon from farmyard is very popular, as too the monkey and no peanuts. Little messages such as love kristy, sam and ben if you are using them in letters, cards or something similar. BoscoBear's software has a maximum character limit of 25, but if you do need more please contact us to see if this is possible.

This is the final piece in the make your own label puzzle.

To find out more on BoscoBear’s make your own label software, please contact 1300 BOSCOB or email or to make your own label head to and select personalised labels make your own label (in blue).

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