Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting the best out of your BoscoBear labels

When applying our BoscoBear Personalised Labels follow these few basic rules to ensure you get the best out of the life of the labels.

Apply to a clean, dry surface.
Apply to a flat surface. Sometimes this can be a little difficult as the shape of bottles and cups are curved. In these situations, look for the flattest or even part of the cup/bottle or other plastic item.
Apply with pressure and smooth down the corners (removing any air bubbles or creases is very important to ensure the best results).
Apply the personalised label and let it set for 24 – 48 hours. This is particularly important if you are going to use the personalised labels through the dishwasher, water or heat. It is best to leave the labels for 24 – 48 hours before washing or heating.


At BoscoBear we don’t claim our personalised labels will last for ever (as much as we would like them too!). What we do claim is that with proper care and by following these instructions our labels will last the rough and tumble of any child’s day. Furthermore, that as a label looses its ‘lust for life’ we give you enough personalised labels to ensure that you have others on hand to replace and update. That way, with BoscoBear’s products (including our personalised labels) you receive value for money and a product range that is not only beautifully designed, it is a quality offering. Should you have any concerns or queries relating to our products, please contact us as we are always keen to hear from you. bosco@boscobear.com.au or 1300 BOSCOB.

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