Friday, March 21, 2008

BoscoBear’s Removable Room Art - More than just Pretty Pictures!

I was recently around at one of my close girlfriends house with my twins and her little boy, who is a month older. We were in his room and all three of them were playing. Harry has BoscoBear’s Removable Room Art kit: Farmyard Fun over his walls (and even if I am a little biased it looked amazing!). As they were playing, Harry collected his little Farmyard Animal toys and took them to his mum. Harry then turned to his wall and looked at his BoscoBear Removable Room Art pink pig and shouted our Oink! I could not believe it! Harry started again, this time pointing to his BoscoBear brown horse and shouted ney ney ney... I said to my girlfriend “how does Harry know to do the animal sounds?” and she replied quite casually, “oh we spend plenty of time in Harry’s BoscoBear farm” “We talk to all the animals and learning their special sounds. Watch this...she said “Harry where is the rabbit?”. Harry raced over to the pink bunny pointed, laughing and going tititititititititittt. “That is the sound that the pink bunny makes isn’t it Harry!” Where is the scarecrow? Harry raced over to his change table and pointing at the scarecrow. Harry what does the cow make? “Moooooooo!” cried Harry The twins were that excited they had to join in also. All three of them were racing around Harry’s room laughing, pointing and doing their best to emulate the sounds from Harry’s Farm.

It was at this point that I realised, our original objective with our BoscoBear Removable Room Art range of decorating children and babies walls with colourful, easy to use, high quality products was so much more. The educational and interactive product element was a real tangible bonus with the Farmyard Fun, Jungle Fever, Under the Sea and some of the others in the range. Harry’s mum had used the BoscoBear Removable Room Art range to teach Harry the animals and sounds of animals from the Farm.

On seeing Harry in action, My husband and I have tried the BoscoBear Removable Room Art Range: Jungle Fever to make elephant noises and ‘swing the elephant trunk’, roar like a tiger and a lion, laugh like a monkey and clip clop like a zebra. So much fun! And now, unprompted, my little boy walks around the house doing his little elephant actions. Too cute!!!

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