Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year for 2014

Happy New Year!

Bosco Bear and the team are really excited for what’s coming up in 2014!

There are plans afoot to release a new website in 2014 to help make it easier for everyone to visit Bosco Bear and enjoy some wonderful new products coming on line for 2014.  We will keep you posted on the release date.

The ‘Back to School’ specials are about to start as well – so keep an eye out in your email inboxes or visit our Facebook page to keep updated with the special code for discounts to help Mum and Dad stretch that ever important budget.  Some great offers for Library Bags, Blackboards and World Maps are coming up.  Make sure you like us on Facebook or sign up for the Newsletter to keep updated with the latest offer.

Bosco was also really happy to see that the newly released Towelling Robes and Float Suit were so popular. The towelling robes will keep the little ones warm and cosy in these beautiful Australian designed garments.   

Bosco thinks its wonderful that so many of Bosco Bears little friends will be much safer in the water this year. The SPF 50+ rating on the float suits and rashies will also help protect young skin from the harsh rays of the Australian sun. 

We had some wonderful feedback from one of Bosco Bears young friends “Jack”  on how much he loved his new ‘spiderman’ Float suit. He said it made him feel like he had special powers in the water and he could have a really fun time when he went swimming when he was on holidays with his family in Newcastle over Christmas. He could keep up with his older sister and swum his first ‘full length of the pool’ right in front of his very proud Dad. – Well done young Jack – Bosco is very proud of you.

Keep smiling and Bosco will be in touch again soon. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Quotes

Wall Stickers Christmas Quotes are perfect decoration for home, shop or office.

Easy to install and fully removable makes them ideal - easy to install, plasterboard or any smooth surface. Get the Christmas spirit for your family. 

Wish friends and family the compliments of the season with BoscoBear’s Rounded Seasons Greetings wall sticker. Celebrate with this great decoration. Ideal for shop windows, office receptions and the home, our range of wall sticker Christmas quotes and Christmas decals have the designer look without the designer price tag.

Colour Options: Red, Black, White, Gold, Silver, Christmas Green

Total Artwork: 1329mm x 244mm
Seasons: 594.5mm x 244mm
Greetings: 689mm x 244mm
Installation Technique: Appliqué
Includes: Instruction sheet and warranties
Packaging Options: Packaging Cylinder







Seasons Greetings Wall Decal Quote (Rounded)

Seasons Greetings Wall Decal Quote (Rounded)

Price: $49.95
 Price shown in Australian Dollars

Thursday, August 4, 2011


eCensus. Great for parents on the go.
eCensus is a fast, easy and secure online option for busy parents. Just about everything has an online option nowadays, so why not the census? What a great paper saving option! Carbon tax and all that. Save time not having to hang around waiting for all your family's important information to be collected. At a push of the submit button your precious information will be delivered. Have peace of mind that it is not flapping around somewhere in someone's car boot.

Tell the planners and the decision makers about you and yours.
Put your hand up and be counted on Census night. Let the planners know that your kids are part of the neighbourhood and that your family members and family information is important. Data collected in the 2011 Census will be vital to the provision of educational services, health care, roads, transport and so on. All the things that make your world go around and make Australia a great place in which to raise kids. 

Completing an eCensus is easy.
To complete an eCensus you will need:
• A Census Form Number
• A unique eCensus Number. 

This information will be delivered to your household by a Census Collector in a sealed eCensus envelope.  If you haven’t received an eCensus envelope by 7 August 2011, call the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 338 776They can provide your Census Form Number and unique eCensus number, via SMS or mail. Very 2011!

Good reasons for choosing the eCensus Option.
• It is safe and secure. All sorts of encryption technology is in place.
• It is available 24 hours a day. Complete in your time. Submit when ready.
• It saves precious time. You can save and come back if interrupted by juniors.
• Built-in checks and online help makes sure your form is completed correctly. It skips the not relevant bits to your family situation.
• It can be used by more than one member of a household while protecting the privacy of each user. Great if you have saying-over extended family or friends on 9th August. 

Online information.
I found the Census 2011 website easy to navigate with lots of helpful information. I will be choosing the eCensus option. Having worked as a Census collector in both Brisbane and Adelaide when I was a SAHM it would have been great not to have to go back to pick up the forms, especially at night in an unfamiliar neighbourhood.. Love that SUBMIT button. 

From Lyn@BoscoBear. 
BoscoBear: Promoting well being and imagination in kids. 
BoscoBear is a cat who thinks he's a bear.
Come join BoscoBear for information, fun and adventure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Noahs Ark. Great kids wall stickers. Two by two the animals came, all lined up in a row, big and small. Elephants, giraffes, flamingos, camels, bears, deer, horses, cows, monkeys, swans, rooster and hen, pigs, dogs, cats, geese, rabbits and mice. Concept image shows the 
Noahs Ark, multi coloured wall stickers option.

Timeless decorationg theme.
Decorating a nursery or kids room with a Noahs Ark theme will bring back memories of childhood for many parents. Kids love animals, especially as soft toys to snuggle up with at night. Create a warm, snug space for your child with this beatiful wall sticker theme.

Decorating Coordinates.
It is easy to find coordinates for a Noahs Ark decorating theme. All leading bedding brands have annimal inspired quilt covers and sheeting with colours to match.

Soft toys.
Finding soft toys to complement the Noahs Ark theme is easy as...  Any toy store will have many to choose from. Boys. Animals that make lots of noise. Lions, tigers and elephants. Girls. Dogs, cats, birds and giraffes.

Self install removable wall stickers.
This kit contains animal characters and ark. Check out the animals in the multi coloured wall sticker kit.
Colour Options:
Multi Coloured, Light Pink, Light Blue,White, Red, Lime, Black, Navy Blue

Entire Artwork: 3508mm x 258mm
Ark: 325mm x 250mm
Elephant: 206.3mm x 155mm
Mouse: 23.5mm x 29.3mm
Installation Technique: Appliqué

Enjoy decorating a kids room or nursery with BoscoBear's fabulous
Noahs Ark wall stickers are also available as patterns in the BoscoBear patterns range.

Purchase online at BoscoBear online shop.

From Lyn@BoscoBear. 
BoscoBear: Promoting well being and imagination in kids. 
BoscoBear is a cat who thinks he's a bear.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A pressing problem on a day out.
Have you ever been out and about with juniors and suddenly they "just have to go"! Nature just wants to take its course. You have trained them and you have trained them well. In desperation you scan the unfamiliar landscape and think, "where is it?" Shop assistants and little old ladies are very helpful but their directions just don't seem to translate. Time is ticking away.

BoscoBear has something to share. 
BoscoBear has made a great discovery. The National Public Toilet Map! Set up as a government initiative for grannies and grandpas, it is just right for busy mums. Use modern technology to bookmark on your mobile phone or load as an app on the iPhone. Never be caught short again. The National Public Toilet Map has Australia covered. Taxpayer dollars working for 'mums in the know'.
Plan your trips with comfort stops in mind. 
Planning with kids couldn't be easier. Pack the car, pack the kids, plan the route and plan the toilet stops. Relax and enjoy the journey. Be it a long driving holiday or a short excursion, pack your mobile and away you go.

Share BoscoBear's discovery with a friend.
Feel free to share BoscoBear's secret with your friends. They will love you for it. If not for their kids but also for their own 'caught short moments'.

Be a 'mum in the know' .
Who is going to load it as an app?  Let us know when it hits the spot and works for you.

From Lyn@BoscoBear. 
BoscoBear: Promoting well being and imagination in kids. 
BoscoBear is a cat who thinks he's a bear.
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Friday, June 17, 2011


It is that time of the year again. 
Have you been hanging out for the Winter Solstice. You will be able to spring out of bed on Weds 22 June knowing that the sun is on its way back.

BoscoBear would like to share.
Its no secret it is Winter. However BoscoBear has made a great discovery. The Museum Victoria website. It is a great source of information for kids. If you want to share an easy to follow explanation of the Winter Solstice with your kids, here it is. Thanks Museum Victoria.

Winter Solstice (AEST) 2011 June 22, 3:16am

Museum Victoria. On the day of Winter Solstice, Earth’s south pole is tilted away from the Sun. The Sun rises north of east, sets north of west and reaches 28 1/2° above the horizon at noon. This is, usually, the shortest day of the year.

Diagram: The Sun in Winter
Artist: Frey Micklethwait. Source: Museum Victoria.

Why is it sooo cold in winter?
According to Museum Victoria, temperatures are determined by the angel at which the Sun's rays strike the Earth, not its distance from the Sun. In Winter the Sun is low in the sky so the rays strike the Earth at a shallow angel. In Summer, the Sun is high in the Sky and the rays hit the Earth at a steep angle.

When is next year's Winter Solstice?
This year the Winter Solstice will be during snuggle up time. 3.16am. Last year was a night time event. 2010 June 21, 9:28pm. Next year will be an awake time event. 2012 June 21, 9:09am.

From Lyn@BoscoBear. 
BoscoBear: Promoting well being and imagination in kids. 
BoscoBear is a cat who thinks he's a bear.
Come join BoscoBear for fun and adventure.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A new year, a new beginning.
Back to school, back to kinder. A new year has rolled over at the sporting club, the scouts and the play group. Time for new fundraising committees to come together and plan their fundraising efforts for the coming year. Time to look for inovative ways to raise funds for kids groups. Initiatives that are going to be easy to manage for parents who are busy, busy, busy! Fundraising efforts that can engage members of the group and will be of interest to the community outside of the group. Fundraising programs that will maximise returns for the effort put in by the group members by offering a product that is practical, has appeal and variety.

BoscoBear's Fundraisier Crusader program.
BoscoBear has an easy to use, easy to manage fundraising program. Join BoscoBear’s fundraising program for 2011 and BoscoBear will reward your fundraising group and its members with a total 25% program reward.

How does this 25% reward work?
Your fundraising group will be paid a 15% commission on sales when sales are made using your group’s unique purchase code. Your members and their friends will receive a 10% discount when using this unique code to make a purchase. (This 10% discount is passed on to every buyer as an incentive to participate in the fundraising program). There are no minimum sales targets so every sale is rewarded. Great for small, medium and larger fundraising programs.

Super Fundraiser reward program
The Super Fundraiser’s reward program is an add on to the Basic Fundraiser reward program. Upon reaching $2000* in sales, BoscoBear donates to your group a BoscoBear $150* product voucher.

BoscoBear products
BoscoBear products include themed wall stickers, personalised kids name labelskids cushions, kids plates, and wallpaper. BoscoBear is Australian owned, carrying the Australian made logo. We design and print in house, using only quality material. Each BoscoBear product includes instructions and warranty information.

 BoscoBear fundraising support
Fundraising promotional material is available (our starter pack includes 5 x A3 posters and up to 50 x DL flyers). We offer electronic promotional support including web banners and standard layouts for self-print. Should you have a database, we are happy to work with you to promote through email advertising (some fees and conditions may apply).

Register with BoscoBear and receive a unique code Promote sales of BoscoBear products. Encourage members and their friends to buy online through the BoscoBear website ( Sales using your fundraising group’s unique code will be tracked in BoscoBear’s automated system. Group Benefit: The 15% sale reward will be AUTOMATICALLY allocated to your fundraising group every time the code is used. Buyer Benefit: The 10% discount will be applied AUTOMATICALLY to every online purchase.

Quarterly statements. Quarterly reward statements are issued by BoscoBear to participating
fundraisers. Rewards earned are paid quarterly.

BoscoBear Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A total 25% reward. What does this mean?
10% = buyer reward. 15% = Fundraising group reward.
Each product sold by BoscoBear online at has a listed purchase price. When a buyer from a fundraising group buys online using their groups special code the buyer receives a 10% price discount. The fund raising group receives 15% of the sale.

Do we need to sell a minimum amount? No. There are NO minimum targets, however the more you sell the more reward you will receive for your fundraising program. Every purchase made online using the group’s unique code is rewarded.

What is a unique code? A specific code is allocated to each fundraising group This code is the key to the allocation of the total 25% reward to that group. When a buyer uses this unique code to purchase a BoscoBear product online at two things happen. The automated online system instantly rewards the buyer with a 10% listed price discount. The system simultaneously records that 15% of the sale is to be allocated to the group linked to the code.

 Can we sell some or all of BoscoBear products?  Absolutely, you can choose to promote all of our products, or only a select few.
Our range is HUGE… With over 2000 designs, there is something for everyone.

How long is our fundraising code valid?  Your fundraising group will need to re-register once a year. We will contact you to organise re-registration (and to say hello, confirm details and answer any questions or comments you may have).

Are there any marketing materials available? BoscoBear has a large range of promotional material and web banner advertisements available on request (see fundraising support section). If you have a database, we are also happy to work with you to promote through email. Promotional material is customised to include your unique fundraising code and details on how to log on to the BoscoBear website. Remember, the more you promote and spread the word, the more you will sell and the more you will make for your fundraising program.
What happens once a buyer has purchase online? BoscoBear dispatches orders direct to the buyer. Prompt delivery is assured. Yes… we do all the dispatch work.

Apply now. Apply to fundraise with BoscoBear by downloading and complete the application form and tell us about your organisation and your project. BoscoBear helps groups such as schools, pre-schools, kindergartens, childcare centres, registered charities and incorporated sporting clubs. BoscoBear Fundraiser Crusader is easy to use, easy to manage, easy to account. AND…rewards everyone who joins!

It is a very easy program fundraising committee to manage.
 Join Now! email:
*All references to dollar amounts include GST.
BoscoBear looks forward to fundraising with your group.